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Forestry property for sale review

If you're dreaming of getting back to nature, wearing lots of flannel and yelling 'timber!' a dozen times a day, you may want to look at some rural forestry property for sale. GoRegional has a great selection to choose from.

Australia's commercial plantations are mostly located in New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia.  In 2014–15 the area covered by commercial plantations was 1.95 million hectares. The area of native forest that was available and suitable for commercial wood production in 2015–16 was 28.1 million hectares. As of 2017, the export of wood products contributed $3.1 billion to the Australian economy. 

For a full detailed report visit Department of Agriculture - ABARES website. There are also many other government and industry websites that you should visit when you are looking for rural forestry property for sale: 

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