Macadamia Farms for Sale

Macadamia farms for sale review

The macadamia nut, which originated in far north NSW and south-east QLD, is a major Australian agricultural export. The industry is worth more than $280 million annually, and there is a surging global demand for macadamia, so now is the time to break into the industry and look at macadamia farms for sale. GoRegional has a great selection of macadamia farms for sale throughout New South Wales and Queensland.

If you are new to macadamia farming, or even if you have horticultural experience but are new to working with macadamias specifically, you need to do extensive research before you start looking for macadamia farms for sale.

A great place to start is the Australian Macadamia Society, who have a very comprehensive website - They provide industry news, growing guides and manuals, as well as information on orchard management, crop protection, irrigation and drainage management, business, marketing etc. Their beginner's guide to the macadamia industry, which can be found here, is particularly comprehensive. 

If you're ready to start looking for an Australian macadamia farm for sale, check out some of our favourites below.