Acreage for Sale in Australia

Acreage for sale in Australia in 2020 – A GoRegional review

As we come into spring and Australia begins to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, many Aussies are looking at purchasing acreage for sale. The idea of escaping the cities and getting back to nature is certainly an appealing one, but as you begin to look at buying a farm (particularly as a first-time landowner), you may run into tricky questions about the size of the properties you're looking at. 

To someone moving to the country from a 100 Sq metre apartment in Melbourne or Sydney, 5 acres may seem like a huge parcel of land, and it could be a surprise to learn that this is actually a quite modest acreage. Later in the search process, a first-time farm buyer may become bogged down in details of the different prices per acre of different sizes of farm.

"Is it better to buy more acreage at a cheaper price, even if I don't plan on using it all?"
"I'm looking to get into livestock farming. How much grazing land do [cows, sheep, insert type of livestock here, you get the picture] need?"  
"How can I be sure that I'm getting the best value for my money?"

These are questions that the real estate agents we work with are asked every day - and they're very reasonable ones. Luckily, we here at GoRegional have decided to have a crack at responding to some of these pressing concerns. We're putting out a series of articles reviewing acreage for sale in each of the Australian states, as well as seeking expert opinions on common acreage-related questions.

For each state, we'll use Rural Bank's Australian Farmland Values data to let you know:

  • The average price for parcels of land of varying sizes
  • How the median price of acreage has increased or decreased over the past year, and 
  • How each region of the state is performing with regard to land price

As well as other relevant details. 

Our hope is to give you the best possible understanding of acreage prices in the region in which you hope to buy land. This is crucial to ensure that your purchase is a successful one, and you get value for your money. At the same time, we aim to provide you with expert advice around buying acreage, with the hope that you'll learn something - whether you're a city slicker or a cattle station owner.  

Acreage for sale reviews will be linked below as they come out, so keep checking back!

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